Dark Desire (Erotic Short Story)

Dark Desire

By J. A. Bailey


Copyright 2012 ©J.
A. Bailey

All rights
reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner
whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied
in critical articles and reviews.

This is a work of
fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s
imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any
resemblance to actual events, locales, organisations, or persons, living or
dead, is entirely coincidental.


Jess glanced at the
paper in her hand, and then at the room door. This was the right number. Was
she really going to go through with this?

Taking a gulp of
air, she steeled herself before smoothing down her short black dress. She felt
self-conscious - it was rare she wore anything so revealing, but if there was
ever a night to wear the dress that had been sitting in the back of her
wardrobe for ages, then this was it.

Hastily, she
stuffed the slip of paper back into her bag and knocked before her courage
deserted her.

“Enter.” A man’s
voice reverberated through the door. Deep and gruff, it sent a shiver to her

Tentatively, she
pushed open the door and stepped inside. She blinked in the dark, her pupils
going wide as she adjusted to the transition from light to dark. Only the
silvered light of the night filtered in through the partially open blinds that
covered the large window at the back of the room.

Initially she
wondered if she had been hearing things and was alone, but as her eyes adjusted
she made out the figure of a man sitting in one corner. She jumped as she spied
him, her heart hammering in her chest. He was large - as near as she could tell
in the dark - with broad shoulders that stuck out in stark contrast to the
light behind him.

Jess was rooted to
the spot, completely paralysed by anticipation and the slight hum of
apprehension. She knew she must have looked a fool but she was unsure of what
to do next. Should she approach him? He had said nothing since she entered.
Just - she assumed - watched her.

The stranger
shifted in his seat. She could hear the creak of leather and the rustle of

“Take off your
dress,” he demanded hoarsely.

Licking her lips,
she nodded, not confident that her voice would work if she attempted to speak.
Glancing wildly around, she spied a console table to one side and she placed
her bag on it before scurrying back to her original position. Slowly, she
worked the zip of her dress down as far as she could before slipping it from
her shoulders. With a wriggle, she pushed it down her hips until it pooled on
the floor. She stepped out of her heels at the same time, grateful not to have
to wobble on them any longer.

She heard a sharp
intake of breath and she was sure he muttered something under his breath. ‘Good
God’ perhaps?

Jess was unsure how
much he could actually see in the meagre light, but as she flicked a look down
her body, she could see that the thin strips of light highlighted her body in
all the right places. She fidgeted in her black corset, wondering what he
thought of it.

It was perhaps tame
compared to what some women wore, but with its tight cinching that caused her
breasts to swell over the top and its matching black lace knickers, it was the
most daring thing she had ever worn. Jess was more of a cotton underwear type
of girl and generally chose comfort over style, but she was glad that she had
picked this out for tonight. It made her feel glamorous and sexy.

The tiny hairs on
her body stood on end as he sat there, her heart hammering in her ears. She
tried to stand as sexily as she could but she felt awkward in the gulf of
silence.  After what felt like an eternity, he spoke again.

“Turn around.”

Jess turned and
although she heard him approach, it still made her jump when she felt his hot
breath brushing over her ear. He didn’t touch her, just stood close enough so
that the heat of his body seemed to invade hers, thickening the air about her.
His scent filled her nostrils, a mixture of soap and pure male musk.

“You’re beautiful,”
he murmured in her ear before bringing a finger up to trace over her bare arm.

She shuddered,
feeling more beautiful than ever before under this strange man’s attentions.

The finger felt
rough, as if it belonged to a man that worked with his hands, and it continued
to dance over her skin in small circular motions. He persisted upwards,
brushing all the way to where her shoulder met her neck, and with the other
hand he swept aside her long golden hair before teasing his finger over the top
of her spine.

Jess inhaled deeply
as her legs trembled. How could such a small gesture cause so much turmoil
within her? Her stomach clenched with each touch and moisture gathered between
her legs.

Finally his lips
met the back of her neck and she nearly hit the ceiling at the exquisiteness of
it. One hand came around her stomach, pinning her to him, as the other caressed
her arm, and he continued to press kisses on the back of her neck, working his
way round to the curve of her shoulder.

She vaguely
registered his rigid manhood pressing into her bottom as the stranger held her
to him with his powerful arms. She wondered if it would match the rest of him,
which felt strong and solid. He had to be quite a bit taller than she, as he
had to stoop down to kiss her neck, and she decided his cock would probably be
as large as the rest of him.

Aching for the feel
of his lips upon her mouth, she tried to turn her head towards him but he
gently pushed her face forwards, nipping at her ear as he did so.

in good time, beautiful.”

The hand that had
been stroking her arm worked its way around her front, fingering the curve of
her breasts that swelled over the top of her corset. Dipping his finger between
them, she gasped as the other hand joined in, kneading them through the fabric.

Her nipples ached
in desperation and when one finger pushed underneath the corset, carefully
brushing over her taut bud, she gasped.

In a sudden
movement, unlike all his others that seemed so carefully considered, he pulled
at the corset, tearing it completely down the middle. Jess squealed as the cool
air hit her bared breasts but she couldn’t bring herself to mourn the loss of
her corset, which now lay somewhere in the dark, having been flung to one side.

The man’s big hands
captured each breast, rubbing his thumbs across her tender nipples and her head
lolled against him as arcs of sensation shot through her,
to her centre. Her womanhood throbbed; begging for his touch as he roughly
manipulated her breasts in a seemingly unrestrained manner.

Perhaps he sensed
her need, as one hand began to crawl its way down her stomach, causing her
breath to hitch as he neared the edge of her knickers. As quickly as he had
lost it, his control seemed to return and he wriggled his fingers under the
lace in slow, deliberate movements.

“Please…” she
begged, aware of how lust soaked her voice sounded.

In answer to her
plea, a finger dropped down quickly, pressing briefly into her heat before
retreating and she tried to mask her cry of frustration.

With one hand still
on her breast, he held her more forcefully against him, thrusting his cock
against her. She moved with him, her need now almost unbearable and he growled
in her ear at the feel of her bottom connecting with him.

The hand at the
edge of her knickers dived again and this time remained, drawing the slick
wetness over her nub before tracing gentle circles over it. Her centre pulsed erratically
at the combination of torment and gratification, the feeling so delicious yet
not quite enough.

Jess ground against
his hand, as much as his strong arms would allow, as his breath hissed between
his teeth. Did he enjoy this as much as she?

At long last, a
finger slid into her tight heat and she sobbed in gratitude, as his palm rubbed
at her while his fingers delved deeper. Deeper and deeper his fingers glided
into her, moving easily in her slick sheath.

“Come for me.”

His words broke
her, triggering a climax so powerful that her legs gave way completely and she
would have slid to the floor had he not kept her upright with his muscular
arms. Sucking in ragged breaths, she remained wilted in his arms as he slowly
withdrew his hand.

“Close your eyes.”

Jess obeyed, a
decadent lethargy overtaking her body, not even caring when the world tilted as
he scooped her into his arms, placing her down onto the soft bed.

She laid there, her
arms sprawled above her head, her chest still rising and failing with the
aftermath of her orgasm, and waited. For a second she thought he had left her,
but suddenly his hands came to either side of her head and his broad chest
pressed against hers.

Clenching her eyes
shut, she explored him with her fingers, too scared to open them for fear of
ending their tentative connection. He wore a dress shirt, she guessed. The
crisp material fitted him perfectly, likely having been tailored to fit, and
she could feel small pearl buttons running down the centre of it. Jess wondered
if she would get the chance to see him in it. She surmised it would be quite a
sight if the feel of his lithe body was anything to go by.

Fingering her way
up his arms, she stroked the undulating muscles that waited there under the
fabric, tense with unspent power. He seemed to want to her to take her time
getting to know his body as he remained still, hovering just above her.

Spreading her hands
across his back, she delighted in the way each muscle flexed beneath her
fingertips. She moved her hands lower still and cupped at his buttocks through
his trousers. Expensive and tailored, she decided, to match the shirt.

His breath warmed
her face and she realised his lips couldn’t be far away. She tilted her head
upwards, hoping to close the gap, desperate for a taste of this incredible man.
He rewarded her with the slightest brush of his lips against hers but as she
made a sound of protest he captured her lips swiftly with an intoxicating kiss.
His tongue played at her lips before seeking entrance, tangling with hers in a
fiery dance of passion.

The stranger’s
kisses were drugging in their intensity, stealing all coherent thoughts from
Jess, and all she could think about was the feel of his solid body against
hers, pressing her deep into the thick sheets of the bed.

He sucked on her
lips, biting playfully as he went, as his hands surrounded her face in a
movement that was almost loving, his thumbs brushing across her cheeks.
Deepening the kiss, Jess frantically grappled with his shirt, wishing it would
come free.

The man chuckled.
“Patience, angel.”

She stilled her
hands with a groan as his lips left hers, leaving her feeling bereft. He
quickly dipped his head, drawing a nipple into his mouth and she moaned as his fingers
pressed almost painfully into her ribs as he feasted on her, flicking her rosy
tips with his tongue.

Her hands clamped
him there, unwilling to let go of the sweet torture of his moist mouth on her
skin, but he easily broke free, kissing down her stomach. His fingers hooked
underneath her knickers, tugging them down, inch by inch, and she imagined what
she must look like to him, glistening and swollen under the pale moonlight.

Apparently he
approved as he practically leapt onto her as he divested her of her underwear,
hurriedly thrusting his tongue into her damp cleft. Her bottom came off the bed
as she whimpered and his hands took the opportunity to cup them, lifting her to
him so his tongue could invade deeper. His teeth swept across her delicate softness
in an almost unbearable motion.

Biting down on her
lip to prevent herself from begging, she gripped at the sheets as he tasted her
repeatedly. Never duplicating the same movement, he caused a well of tension in
her womb that just wouldn’t quite release. As soon as she neared completion, he
seemed to shift, making her want to scream in frustration.